Insula are masters of all forms of gas-packed fish – map, skin and vacuum – a process that preserves top quality when refrigerated.

We can supply all forms of portion cuts and fish species, and specialise in salmon, cod, haddock, pollack and plaice.

We believe strongly in fulfilling our customers’ requirements. Apart from the wide range of standard cuts, we also provide special cuts on demand. We service retail chains and food service.

Gas-packed fish
Gas-packed fish Hvide Sande

We produce top quality fresh fish using gentle production techniques and packing methods. The procedures we use preserve minced fish quality when refrigerated. We supply MSC, ASC and minced fish with organic ingredients, and all recipes are handled with care and precision.

One of Insula’s specialities is a newly-developed ready-to-eat minced fish product with a long shelf life of 10 days when refrigerated. It is MAP packed, and ready to use.