We are experts in nitrogen freezing, a process that preserves the quality and consistency of the fish after thawing. We freeze all kinds of cuts and portions.

Nitrogen and IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) are the best and fastest freezing methods on the market. During freezing with nitrogen, which prevents the fish surface from drying out, the fish is glazed with clean water to provide natural protection against rancidification and drying out.  To achieve and retain the best quality, we freeze at -60°C, a temperature not possible to reach with traditional freezing methods.

Freezing - conventional and with nitrogen
Freezing Insula Hvide Sande

Nitrogen freezing makes it possible to optimally preserve the vitamins and freshness of the fish. It ensures thawing without releasing liquid, and a fish that is ready to be used.

We also supply retailers and caterers with vacuum and chain packing, or individual packing frozen conventionally.